Website Designing Prices UK- 2022

Many website companies in the UK mention costs and prices, but few really give actual numbers. Find below current prices for website designing services in the UK -2022

Do you want to know the prices for website designing in the UK- 2022?

Prices to be aware of, before designing a website for your small business in 2022? The price towards building your website  could be anywhere in the range of £200 to £600. This price includes any maintenance charges for a year

Putting together a website can be complicated. With the help of a freelancer the costs could be higher but the knowledge and experience that a freelancer would bring to the project would be of immense value, and help you have a decent website in place. Web design prices could be in the range of  £700  to £1,200 for an 8 page basic website excluding  maintenance charges.

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The price for building a custom website in the UK is quite steep. The actual total prices vary, depending on the complexity  and time taken to complete your project by a web design company. A custom website design is suitable for  companies that want to build a brand online or for medium sized companies. Web design prices could be in the range of £2,000 to £10,000+ 


Find below estimated prices per hourly rate for a mid level junior website freelancer in the UK.


Website Designing Services

Junior mid level Hourly Rate
Web Designer£35 to £40 + VAT
Web Content Writing£20 to £35 + VAT
Web Development£35 to £45 + VAT
Web Hosting£20 to £30 + VAT
Graphic Designer£18 to £25 + VAT
IT Consultant£35 to  £60 + VAT
Web Hosting£25 to £35 + VAT
Product Photography£25 to £40 + VAT
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Cost Of Website Design In The UK

Prices for website designing in the UK

Price of website designing in the UK could vary depending on the following factors

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Cost and Prices FAQ for website designing in 2022

Website designing prices in 2022 are supposed to be stable a small business 8 to 10 page website in 2022 could cost anywhere from £900 to £2000. Please check our monthly website plan for the UK.

A freelance website designer could cost anywhere from £15 to £90. For a complex website, the prices for a designer / developer could be even higher.  If you have a project in mind we would be happy to help you with the prices.

Website designing prices could be kept low by budgeting and planning for what are the must have in a website. Costs could be kept low if you provide the pictures and content for the website. Lastly cost for a website could be kept low by avoiding customisations.

Website designers are in high demand in the UK, there is a huge skills gap between demand and supply of website designers, website developers and graphic designers and hence the price increase.

Please check our special pay monthly plan for a small business website in 2022. Our prices quoted are for a non custom website.

Our website designing prices are cheap because we follow a model of quick web design turnaround. We are very efficient in our web designing process and hence our total hours per project is kept to a minimum hence saving time for us and saving money for our customers.