We  provide affordable white hat and transparent SEO services  for small business websites across the entire UK. We can help your business in developing an effective online SEO strategy.

We specialise in providing SEO services for small business websites across the UK

 You might have probably heard about SEO services, but what is SEO? And do UK small business websites really need to spend additional money on this service.

Lets put it simply, having a small business website is like having set up a physical business in a location where there is no  foot fall. So to make our website known to the online world and to make our services or products known we need to advertise, and who is the big Daddy in the  online advertisement world? Its none other than google. So we need  google to advertise our website to our target audience. And how would google know about our blog services or products?  Well that would be mostly through our website content. So the next time Mr. Someone searches for your line of service, google would go through all their indexed websites and come with a result that would be closest to Mr. Someone’s query.

Sounds good so far, but keep in mind there are tens of thousands of websites too vying for googles attention. Google has a search algorithm which it uses to filter out all the related websites and comes up with its best search list. Google does not disclose the criteria it would be using to filter its search. Google does throw up hints  and informs the internet world as to what wont work  and what might work.

So an SEO company would follow all the known  guidelines google provides and try to get googles attention, so as to come up in the first few results. Remember the google first page is extremely hard to come up on. In fact SEO is a form of an art, where SEO companies use googles guidelines plus other googles hints to inform google what your website is all about, this is commonly known as white hat SEO. While there are others who use unethical tactics, like keyword stuffing (excessive use of words which users might use to find your line of service or products) that are frowned upon by google.  This is commonly known as black hat SEO and could result in your website being black listed by google.

Since coming right on top googles search means more business and subsequently more profit, websites hire a Professional SEO company to attain their desired goals. The SEO industry is very fluid, and there is a lot of competition between websites to win, hence there is a need to hire an SEO service monthly or as per their budget. 

At our company Hans Website designing, we only use white hat SEO  guidelines, we come up with a plan based on the companies budget and we educate our business owners as to what will work and what wont work in their space. We also provide realistic goals and prices, based on the size of their company and their future plans.

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Few of our sEO services for uK small business

Below are some of the many vital tasks that are at the core of our SEO Strategy of Online SEO services and Offline SEO services. We also provide Technical SEO services  in our small business SEO package.  Please call for more info.

SEO Audit & Assesment

The first step we conduct in an SEO journey would be have an audit software crawl your website, The purpose of the audit is to identify as many issues affecting organic search performance as possible. The SEO audit will not only reveal: Technical SEO issues Website structure issues On-page SEO issues, Potential off-site problems, but your website would be scored against many more criteria.

SEO Competitor Analysis

SEO would be useless if you do not know your competitors. This is basically reverse engineering where in we would analyse your competitors tactics and strategies like links, keywords, content and other elements and incorporate the ideas into your website. There are many technical ways in which our company would target your competition, so that we can beat them at their own SEO game.


SEO Keyword Research

SEO keyword research is the most fundamental used by us in coming up with a strategy of how to target popular words and phrases people enter into the search engines, when searching for anything on the internet. It becomes much easier to focus on content around topics that people search for. Keyword research is a must if you intent to use google Pay Per Click Advertisement,


SEO Content Creation

Now that we have all the information regarding keywords, the next step is to use this information in creating useful content that would captivate search engines like google and help in a much higher ranking in the search result. Content creation includes everything like structure of the content the readability of the content, how you include the content and much more. We encourage our clients to create this content, since who knows your business better than yourself.

SEO link building services

SEO link building services is a process of acquiring hyperlinks preferably from other highly ranked websites to your website. This is mainly achieved by having good content where high authority websites link to articles or pages with good content on your website. If many sites link to the same webpage or website, search engines can infer that this content is worth linking to, and therefore also worth surfacing on a SERP. We focus only on High-quality link building, to achieve your SEO goals

SEO Backlink Audit

An SEO backlink simply put is running a tool or software that evaluates all links from external websites pointing to your website. Now many backlinks might not be good, as they might be linking from gambling, adult websites etc, that is no way related to your lune of business, and this might hurt your website rating. Many of these websites create these links to our website by stealth. With an SEO backlink audit all the good and bad backlinks are brought to light and a stratergy is developed to deal with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO services help your small business to rank better in the search engine organically. Higher ranking for relevant keywords will certainly drive more traffic to your website and subsequently more leads and profits.

SEO is not a one time expense as because google is always on the look out for fresh and relevant content. Google only allows a limited amount of organic searches to be displayed. If you wish to maintain and improve on your ranking, then it is important that you renew your SEO services for your small business website in the UK on a monthly basis

Technical SEO refers to improving server and website optimisation like page loading speed of the website, outdated technologies on server and website, loading of scripts and malicious code. Technical SEO also help search engine spiders crawl and index your site more effectively and thereby  help improve organic rankings.

Cost of SEO services would depend on resources you need to outrank your competitors. This depends on targeted keywords, number of  link building, content creation and more. Mostly a 10 page new website SEO services could cost you approximately £200 to £500 recurring monthly cost for first year.

Local SEO is mainly used for small businesses that want to target a local area or local region. Local SEO refers to  optimising your website to attract more searches for local business searches, so that your website would come up on Google maps based on search distance. Local SEO packages are charged on an average from £300 to £700  monthly. T