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2022 - UK

Would you like to know the cost of building a website in the UK?  Check our website design cost calculator, to help you get an approximate cost of a website with additional features and add on.

How much is my website really going to cost in the UK- 2022?

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How much does a Website Cost in the  UK- 2022?

This will always be one of the first questions any small business owner would ask when researching their website design options.

We’ve answered this valid question many many times in the past, and we are sure to get this question almost every time we deal with a new website project. This is a very valid question given the fact that the price of a website could shoot up drastically if you do not have a clear understanding of your needs and wants. All our prospective customers will ask for quotes or estimates so that they can check if their website project is not only within their budget but also to compare with other website companies in the UK.


Are your website design prices reasonable?

Price Certainly matters but it’s not the only consideration to take into account. Price often dictates what type of website design, and any website  add on, you might get. You need to develop an initial budget and plan for any long-term ownership costs, and that’s true for any website, of any size, or features you might want.

Our website design cost calculator will take all the options and add on that you choose and come up with the best price for your website project.

Know your costs. Use our UK website design cost calculator 2022

At Hans website designing company, we strive to keep all our services and prices transparent, so that our customers are not surprised with nasty cost increases. We have tried to keep the website design pricing process as simple as possible. We have come up with a comprehensive cost calculator to help you get real website prices without any hidden costs.

Please keep in mind that all prices, whether for website designing, eCommerce websites, membership websites, SEO services or anything else, are only estimates based on our 2022 UK prices. For exact prices, please call our consultation team and they will provide you a quote with the exact prices based on your requirements. These prices are fixed unless we decide to change them at a future date, in which case our price calculator would be updated accordingly.

How much does an eCommerce Website cost in the UK?

Most eCommerce website companies in the UK  will charge from £1,000 to £8,000 to setup a website in 2022 — this price is for small business requirements only. Our prices are much lower than other ecommerce website design companies. Want to know our prices?

As with any website project , this price range can increase dramatically as you add more features and integrations to the base plan. Our base plan for our UK customers is the monthly payment plan and if you need any add on then the price would increase accordingly. 

 We can also provide more precise estimates when you use our UK website design cost calculator above.

Website Design Cost Calculator UK 2022

The Website Design Cost Calculator UK 2022, gives you an approximate pricing based on features chosen by you for your website. For an accurate pricing you would need to contact our sales team via Email or WhatsApp or a Call

The ecommerce Website Design Cost Calculator UK 2022, will help you in budgeting the approximate price to build an ecommerce website. The  price varies depending on features and products chosen by you, for your website. For an accurate pricing you would need to contact our sales team via Email or WhatsApp or a Call

For an ecommerce website design price, you would need to choose a starter package/standard website package + starter ecommerce package/small business ecommerce package in addition to optional addons

A one time fee for a website in 2022 should cost anywhere between £200-£1500. The cost varies depending on the number of pages, additional features, and any customisation.

A website could cost between £20-£80 a month depending on the number of pages, additional features, and any customisation.

An ecommerce website could cost between £69-£200 depending on the number of products, integration and optional addon ecommerce package.